The end of an era

On Monday 18th January, Wymeswold said goodbye to Miss Elsie Hubbard. She was a village treasure.

In her 96 years, she had never travelled more than a few miles from Wymeswold. Yet she was respected, admired and loved for her knowledge and experience.

She had worked in agriculture and associated trades all her life, and would speak with authority about beasts, crops, cheese and dogs. She had seen generations of village children grow up, marry, and sometimes die. She knew all the old families, and who was related to whom, and how.

She was the daughter of Eustace Hubbard and the niece of Albert Hubbard, who both survived the Great War. Her uncle Ernest is remembered on the Menin Gate. She was incredibly helpful when I was researching ‘Bringing Them Home’, and also put me in touch with Albert’s son in Australia. I will always be grateful to her.

She will be very much missed.

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